Trial lesson

  • We invite you to a trial lesson. You may come to a trial lesson, to meet the teacher to see our school and select a convenient schedule.

Basic information:

  • We offer private Pole Dance lessons in English. Usually Group lessons are held on national languages (Russian in Moscow, Slovak in Bratislava) but in Avrora Dance, Bratislava we have a special groups for english speaking students.
  • Click on timetable in your city.
  • You can buy a subscription for 8 or 12 lessons in group, or take a private Pole Dance lesson. The private lessons are available in any time convenient for you.
  • The timetables are informative only. Real time schedules may be different.
  • During the first trial lesson or a one-time visit, it is necessary to contact us before the lesson.
  • Private training is possible at any time in agreement with the coach.
  • Halls can be rented at any time in agreement with the organiser.