Yulia Kolesova instructorKolesova Yulia was awarded a silver medal on graduating from high school. She graduated from Institute with distinction (Summa cum laude). She practiced different kinds of dances: ballroom, folk, go-go, hustle, hip hop. Started dancing in childhood, she always participated in various concerts, competitions and performances. Since 2008, Yulia became involved Pole Dance. This style, like no other dance, fit to her, because it amazingly combines a beauty, flexibility, mobility, sport and strength. Since 2009, she has started teaching this dance to those interested.

A feeling for music, flexibility and what’s more, an immense love for dance are her distinguishing features and form an incredible style of dance.

Yulia became the winner in the selection round of the Pole Dance Championship in the Moscow region and won a silver medal at the Moscow Championship in 2012. In the final match of the Pole Dance Championship of Russia, Yulia was in third place. In 2012, she represented Russia at the European Pole Dance Championships in Italy.

Since 2013, Yulia lives and works in Bratislava. In June 2013, she participated in the public Slovak Pole Dance Championships, where she earned the right to represent Slovakia at the 2013 European Pole Dance Championships in Prague. In 2013, she won the 1st POLE BATTLE League, Slovakia.

What’s more, Yulia is a professional Pole Sport judge and, in addition to various auditions and competitions in Russia, she was a judge at the national championships of Russia, the Czech Republic and Austria.

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