We teach Pole dance and hold classes on Pole Fitness

Our studio welcomes everyone who wants to learn the amazing, fascinating dance on the pole - Pole Dance.
Today Pole Dance is not just a dance on the pole, or striptease as many think. Pole Dance is much more interesting and more varied than just a dance. This is an amazing combination of beauty, plastics, sexuality, sports, and fitness.
Worldwide Pole Dance becomes increasingly popular. It becomes more popular in Russia, and the reason is also the fact that the dance on the pole is really interesting and multi-faceted, everyone will find part of Pole Dance, which will be interesting to him
In lessons, we focus on three main parts which the Pole Dance consists. And every student who is attending our classes selects and to put emphasis on the part that is closer to her, enjoying the lessons.
As already mentioned, Pole Dance surprisingly various, and when you start you'll see it for yourself. Anyway in Pole Dance, there are three part,the three main areas that we teach in our school:

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